Feelin' The Spirit



Wow, Just when I thought I had my day all set;

Here comes a Giant to steal my Joy.


I write out checks to cover all the bills;

Then here comes a Giant one that I forgot!

The house gets a good cleaning, sigh;

And in comes eight pairs of muddy feet.


Running late for most of the day;

And someone forgot to put tonight's meat out to thaw.


Hearing late, that it is my turn to pick up the team;

But went to the junior high instead of the high school.


Do you fight Giants like me?



Some days are just rainy days;

And other days are just full of spats with 

People at work, in-laws and outlaws,

Husbands and Wives.


Wrestle to kick that ol' dragon from the front door;

and right out through the back door.


Better yet, just don't let him in!!


Just when ya' think ya killed that Giant

Ya find out thar's a bunch of em' waitin in the wings!




Come on, beloved of the Lord

Feel The Spirit !!!


For HE said:

"I will never leave you, nor forsake you."


" I can do all things in Christ, who strengthens me."


"HE is the Rock of my salvation, the Living Word,"

The Stream of Living Water,

The Breath of Life,

The Bread of Life,

Having done all to stand, Therefore Stand, beloved!


And Rest In Him.



Rest Well, beloved

For you have "fought the good fight

And lived to fight another day."  (smiles)







At Midnight Watch

Carol Martter, aka Aunt Gabbi