Midnight Reverie


        In the age that was, You created my soul.

             Then you placed me in my Mother's womb.


             Did you know how sad I would be at times?

             Did you foresee the hardships that were to come?


             LORD, I felt so alone at times; walking to the

             beat of a different drummer. Why did no one

             understand; why didn't I?


             Do you remember that night long ago; that little

             girl at the alter, asking you to come into her heart,

             and to take away the loneliness and pain?


             The two of us have had a long walk together since

              that night; with my bad choices and good. You

              never left my side even when I forgot to talk with



              You always sent just the right person to get my

              attention and to help me learn more about YOU.


              The Comforter, Your Gift, came when my two

               wee babes came into this world too early and

               went home to be with you. 


              You blessed me, beyond measure, when three more

               healthy sons were given. FATHER, I kept my

               promise; they know and revere YOU. You gave

               Mommy a few more years on this earth to see all

               her grandchildren; how she loved and enjoyed



              My walk on this earth is coming to a close; the

              past that hurt is dimmed and YOUR LOVE

              grows brighter. Soon to kneel at the feet of my

              beloved Yeshua and to look upon HIS face.


              Have I told You, Father, how much I love you?

              As Your Word grows in my heart, so does the

              knowledge, that You placed me in the right place.

              Now my thoughts are on things above and about

              coming home.


              Your Will be done, on this earth, as it is in the

               heavens of Your habitation. Your kingdom come,

               ABBA, I am ready to serve.