Music Of The Night


Isn't it amazing that trees are growing out of that rock, in the midst of the sea? Think of how little soil is there; surely, the roots cannot go deep.


Yet, through heavy storms of the sea, roaring ocean waves of salt water, and unforgiving nature; there the trees stand!!


Beloved, are you planted in an unforgiving place? Do you sometimes feel like you don't belong? As one of GOD's trees, without many trees around you, do you feel alone?


Like those few trees, with your feet planted on " a solid ROCK"; you are withstanding life's storms. Not of your own strength; but with YHVH's mighty power!! HIS AGAPE, HIS GRACE.


Grow where you are planted, beloved. Give Thanks always and remember those, that are brethren, who at this minute are dying because they love YESHUA/CHRIST AND FATHER.  All over this "eretz" are brethren who have not eaten today; many are burying their little ones, who died in hunger.


Stay planted on THE ROCK. Prayers to HIM are a mighty force!! We cannot see it with these flesh eyes; but prayer warriors are pulling down strongholds all over the world.