The Storms Of Life

The Storms Of Life

(Listen to the sounds of the sea and look at the sea picture and at that wonderful ship)

When The Storms Of Life come and they will;
Head out for deeper water; don't hug the shore
for safety.

To many spend many years just wading along the shore;
when all the time HE is saying, "
come out to the deep."
lean on ME.

The world is in turmoil, the waves beginning to crash the shore;
Step into that ol' sailing ship and prepare;
for She is fit to sail;

The Captain of that ol' Ship is our beloved Yeshua;
He takes us through all the foaming waves;
out to the deeper, quieter waters.

There are no storms in this life that cannot be tamed;
As long as you have the "
Captain of the Sail" on board.

So get off the sandy beaches, the wading pool for babies;
Armor on and in place; prepare for Battle;
Remember, the Battle Is The LORD's.






At The Midnight Watch
by Carol Martter/Aunt Gabbi